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The Greatest Story Ever Told 2

Set in 2012, in time for the end of the Mayan calendar, The Greatest Story Ever Told 2 hybridizes studio methodologies and conventions of filmmaking and tableau photography to produce a series of film stills for a non-existent feature film.
As a sequel to the 1965 Bible Epic, these stills elaborate on the critical points of a detailed plotline, which critiques contemporary popular culture through it scrutiny of values peculiar to Generation Y.

*With over 3000 photographs shot on both the iPhone 4 and Canon 1DS Mkii, this series was montaged togther in Adobe CS5.

To read the full plot go HERE

Thank you to the many people that helped make this series 'Bigger than Ben Hur'.

Firstly, my wife Jean-Maree and my daughter Cordelia. This has been all consuming, but I'm back now...

Many thanks also to Ray Cook, Luke Roberts, Carl Warner and Peter Moyes for guidance and inspiration.

The cast:

Ewa Smilowska
Candy Glasgow
Talulah Jade
Tanya Wright
Amelia Espley
Bec Groves
Cordelia Pool
and Casper the cat

with Ray Cook as Satan

and Anon. as The Messiah






Redcliffe Jetty Gallery

C Gallery - Brisbane

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