2010 and beyond

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Come Back Soon  got the zinc cream?  god save the govenor general     






Cataclysm is an ongoing collection of observations that examines the Cultural Stereotype of the ordinary Australian male.

Through the use of satirical photomontage, it combines multiple layers of kitsch and the absurd, juxtaposing cataclysmic events with the response of the 'typical' Aussie male in a political cartoon style visual language.

Drawing inspiration from iconic films such as Don's Party and the cutting observations of Australian band T.I.S.M. , the series is shot using rear projection and silhouette cut-outs, captured in one shot on the iPhone in what is becoming a HolyGreenCow trademark process.

The aesthetic mimics the KodakChrome film from the 70's, an era in Australian history where these stereotypes were brought to the world through the Australian Government's Film Commission.

Cataclysm is an ongoing series of stand alone images, featuring poignant mystery celebrity guests who are photographed especially for the work. Sometimes happily...