They Came


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they came Plan 10Ooo GlowyUh-Oh Nooo come out come out trapped Big in Japan Kitty Revenge 1 Kitty Revenge 2It wasn't my fault Mum





They Came
They Came is an autobiographical series of eleven photographs that uses humour to examine my fear of nature reclaiming and the end of the world.

The juxtaposition of futuristic imagery with deliberate lo-tech production values imbues the images with a sense of nostalgia, thus creating an atmosphere of kitsch akin to that of 1950s sci-fi films and directors such as the infamous Ed Wood Jnr.

The elaborate tableau involves a diorama of 2D cut-outs, overhead projectors and live performance. For effect, the scene is then captured in a single shot using an iPhone with spot colour added later on the computer.